Riot Games

Working with the incredible experiential and events team at Riot Games, we produced a global events calendar.

The Ask

Bring Riot Games to life for players around the world. Stay true to Riot Games’ purpose – make it better to be a player.

The Results

Drove global fandom through events and experiences everywhere from the remote mountains of Oslo to the coast of Los Angeles and the cultural hub of Seoul.

What we did

Working with the incredible experiential and events team at Riot Games, we produced a global events calendar including:

  • Debuting 2XKO (then Project L) at EVO, Las Vegas – 3 days, 12,000 players, 120 creators at the biggest FGC event of the year. We then showcased 2XKO at Worlds Fan Fest in Seoul providing fans visiting from over 150 countries with hands-on access.
  • Produced a fan festival and cultural celebration as a lead-in to the sold-out 2023 Valorant Champs. Some of the world’s biggest celebrities were part of the sell-out crowd including Ben Affleck and Elon Musk. 
  • Developed and produced the League of Legends, Soul Fighter Fight Night with some of the world’s biggest influencers challenged to physical challenges like jousting and dodgeball, alongside a gaming tournament
  • Launched Agent Deadlock by producing an exclusive influencer summit that included hands-on access to the new agent, locally inspired Danish cultural experiences and even an adrenaline-fuelled speedboat ride across a Nordic fjord.
  • Launched Agent Iso with another incredible influencer summit, this time providing exclusive access to the RIot Games campus in Los Angeles.
  • Launched Agent Clove, the first non-binary agent release, with an invite-only event in Los Angeles including an exclusive record store experience to align with Clove’s background story.
  • Produced a month-long installation in South Korea to celebrate the launch of League of Legends’ first boy band (Heartsteel) and the World tournament. From collectable champion cards and a unique collaboration with a doughnut shop, fans loved the authentic activations.
  • Spearheaded two activations at the 2024 League of Legends Worlds Championships Fan Fest – the HeartSteel Popup and the 2XKO Booth.
  • Brought the global Team Fight Tactics community together at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas for the TFT Fan Fest. 512 players competed for the $100,000 prize pool!