Call of Duty: Next

The most-watched COD event in history, with 5 million+ viewers tuning in for the launch of MWII

The ask

With three key Call of Duty® games to announce, Activision needed a revolutionary way to market this next iteration in their long-running franchise.

The result

The Biggest Call of Duty® beta launch of all time setting-off the largest pre-orders in Call of Duty history. 

What we did

We created a “community first” never-been-done-before broadcast and influencer streaming event with the world’s top streamers. 

How we did it

We built out an entire experiential hub in an empty aircraft hanger. It featured two main stages and 200 individual streaming pods. 

We invited 200 of the world’s biggest streamers to the air hanger to be the first to play the new game simultaneously. Each of them streamed live to their own channels.

The three-hour gameplay-focused broadcast included 200 individual streams emanating from one location. A “Red Zone” style broadcast featured nine on-camera hosts, commentators & sideline reporters guiding our audience on two separate stages.