About OS Studios

We are not just industry experts. We are audience experts. We are culture vultures, gamers, sports fans and misfits. We build worlds, grow communities and turn audiences into fans. We create for the next generation of fans because we are the next generation of fans.

We are your FAN Z Operating System.

The most powerful sports, gaming and entertainment collective on the planet.

OS are part of Project Worldwide. With offices in 42 international markets, Project Worldwide crafts inimitable fan engagement campaigns across sports, gaming and entertainment. From Pepsi, TikTok and the NBA, to Williams F1, Elton John and Activision Blizzard, we harness the strength of all Project Worldwide agencies to deliver unforgettable, culture-shaping experiences.

Committed to sustainable practices

We work with environmentally-conscious venues and suppliers that share our values, and implement measures to minimise carbon emissions. Our online events leverage energy-efficient virtual platforms and cloud technologies, allowing global audiences to participate without the environmental impact associated with travel.

Our overarching objective is to seamlessly incorporate sustainable practices into our live and virtual events whilst delivering exceptional experiences for our audiences.